Wichita sisters dominate collegiate bowling

Published: Apr. 17, 2019 at 5:44 PM CDT
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Bowling is a family affair for the Herzbergs, especially with the three sisters. The youngest, Addie, just finished her first season with Wichita State and has some big shoes to fill.

"It's good to have [my sisters] to look up to whenever I am bowling and knowing that they were the ones before me bowling," she said.

Addie joins a bowling legacy started by her grandparents, continued by her parents, and then older sisters Ashlyn and Aspen.

Ashlyn won a state title for Wichita East in 2012, before bowling for Wichita State from 2013-2017. She understands the road her parents and grandparents paved for her and her sisters.

"We talk about this all the time, we are so blessed and fortunate for the family that we're a part of," she said. "We're very close. It's such a good feeling to hear people say good things."

Aspen is a junior at Newman University. She had the unique position as the middle sister to compete with both of her sisters at East High, and then compete against both of her sisters throughout her college career.

"I got to be there when [Ashlyn] threw her last shot for college bowling and I just remember the tears down my face because of how excited we were for her and I can't help but cry because I'm their number one fan!" she said. "Then Addie Jo coming up as a rockstar on the Select Team in her freshman year and just watching her down the lane, trying to peak at her during tournaments every time she's up. We're number one enemies but number one fans at the same time."

But it still begs the question: who's the best bowler?

"I can't answer that! I don't ever answer people when they ask me that," Addie said. "I think we're all great bowlers, people have their days, people don't have their days."

Aspen couldn't think of anyone better than their father, and refused to call herself the best of the three sisters.

"I'm the worst if that helps answer any question! They're both better than me!" she said.

The middle sister said competition never pitted the siblings against each other; it only encouraged them.

"Since we've been growing up, people have always been like, 'oh, well are they super competitive? Do they get upset with each other?' If one of them beats me, I would never be mad," Aspen said. "Even in college, if we're bowling one-on-one, I would always tell Addie, 'I just hope you're the only person on the team that strikes! I don't care what anyone else on the team does, I don't care what anyone else on the team does, but just you strike each time!'"

It's that selflessness that keeps the Herzberg family so close and coming back together game after game.