Colts ride off with second straight title

Published: Apr. 13, 2016 at 6:09 PM CDT
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Leading by just one pin after two games, Campus coach Kenny Fulkerson knew the pressure was on if the Colts were going to repeat as 6A champs.

"I told the girls to make good shots," said Fulkerson. "I sat their trying to help them, but I knew it was going to be too close to call."

His girls would listen, scoring an 830 in the final game to put their series total at 2525, good enough for another 6A state title.

"Back to back, there is no words to explain it. I expected it and the girls did it. Just amazing," Fulkerson said.

Three Colts placed in the top 15, and maybe the biggest surprise was freshman Taylor Cessna (654) who finished sixth. According to Fulkerson, Cessna played well beyond her years.

"She (Cessna) came in as a freshman and bowled like she's been on varsity for years. She's done an excellent job. I'm proud of all of our kids but our underclassmen pulled this one out for us," said Fulkerson.

Along with Cessna, sophomores Jordyn Wattman (651) and Kalina Feast (558) played a huge role in retaining the 6A title.

For Fulkerson, the adrenaline of the meet has yet to allow the reality of winning sink in just yet.

"It was almost too close to even be happy with. I would have much rather come in here and do what these girls are capable of and put this thing out of reach. It will probably hit me tonight. I am just exceptionally proud of them," Fulkerson said.


Team Totals:

1. Campus - 2525

2. Washburn Rural - 2505

3. Wichita East - 2467

4. Olathe North - 2463

5. Junction City - 2417

Individual Totals:

1. Casey Holmes (Junction City) - 672

2. Addison Herzberg (Wichita East) - 663

3. Whitney Prockish (Washburn Rural) - 662

4. Madisyn Hansen (Derby) - 661

5. Holly Evans (Lawrence) - 656

6. Taylor Cessna (Campus) - 654

7. Chye Reiste (Olathe North) - 654

8. Carley Sullivan (Topeka) - 651

9. Jordyn Wattman (Campus) - 651

10. Gabriella Millard (Washburn Rural) - 650

11. Alexis Shear (Wichita South) - 649

12. Aspen Herzberg (Wichita East) - 644

13. Cassie Edgar (Wichita South) - 634

14. Katlyn Tabor (Dodge City) - 628

15. Cami Mills (Campus) - 626