Wichita's Harris says he is close to playing for Bengals

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. Davontae Harris said when he was drafted in the spring, that he had the Bengals visit to Arrowhead circled on the calendar. What the Wichita native didn't know then, was that he'd have to watch the game from the sideline.

"It feels like I'm home," Harris, the former South High Titan, said after the game. "I haven't been here in a couple of months and it's really refreshing to come back home. It's good to reset and then go back and get ready to work and then jump off IR and get ready to work."

Harris injured his knee in the preseason, and at that point didn't even know if he would make the Bengals 53-man roster.

"Very nervous actually. After everything transpired, I just kind of left it to God and figured the ball would roll where it needed to be," Harris admitted.

Now, he says he's exactly where he is supposed to be, helping the team wherever they need him.

"I just have to wait for my time and at the end of the day, I think I'm going to return at the best time possible," Harris explained. "So, I'm just excited for that and excited to get my opportunity."

Harris hopes to be back after the Bengals bye week.