Rose Hill Junior , Noah Bolticoff featured as Rising Star

From the outside, it looks like any other team, but inside the huddle at Rose Hill high school, you’ll find a story of faith, family, and football. A story that features 6’5 Noah Bolticoff as one of the main characters.

“I have definitely fallen in love with the game, it is my favorite sport. I just love being able to come out here and compete and to be able to be with my teammates, that’s my favorite part,” said Bolticoff.

Football for Noah started in the 7th grade, since then it’s grown to be a big part of his life, but it isn’t the most important part. For Noah, that’s where faith fits in. A few years ago his family served as Baptist missionaries in Brazil

“It makes you appreciate everything a little more. You start to appreciate the little things a little bit more,” he uttered.

It wasn’t until Noah got back to the States that football really took off, ultimately leading him to Rose Hill high school. The Rockets' Head Coach Lee Weber says not only has Noah has been a great fit for Rose Hill, but also, the other way around.

“He has made kids work harder and a lot of these kids have made him work harder. He definitely has the measurables to be a great football player, but he has the heart and the soul to be one too,” shared Weber.

Noah is nearing the end of his junior year and already has offers from both division one schools in Kansas with interest from many others. The last offensive lineman from Rose Hill with as much attention as Noah is his current offensive line coach, Blaize Foltz. Foltz graduated from rose hill and signed with TCU in 2008 and went on to be a four year starter with the Horned Frogs.

“He gives me everything he’s got. It is always yes sir, or no sir, every time we have extra workouts or do extra stuff on the weekends he always wants to do extra stuff after practice,” said Foltz.

Their relationship goes much deeper than coach and player, Noah considers Foltz to be family and says his mentoring ventures far beyond the field.

“It’s kind of a legacy thing here. My O-line coach kind of brought me here. He has been there for me through a lot and has taught me everything that I know. He means a lot to me,” said Bolticoff of Foltz.

“I would equate them more like brothers a little bit. It is kind of like having an older brother. I think Blaize sees a little bit of himself in Noah and what Noah could become,” added Weber

“He is a lot quieter than I was that is for sure. But again, he has a great set of people around him—a great supporting cast,” shared Foltz.

For Foltz, being able to coach at his alma mater is special, coaching the position he once played instructing each of his lineman like he once was. Noah still has another year under Foltz’ watch and says he’s not in a rush to pick where he will play college football and that he is only focused on the now

“I just want to do the best I can for my teammates, I want to take care of these seniors and make it the best season that they have had so far,” he said.