Rock Hills junior back on the field after track injury

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Imagine dreaming of playing Division I football your whole life, and then one day, an injury changes everything.

It happened to Rylee Whelchel.

The junior fullback plays for Rock Hills High School in Mankato.

Several months ago, his doctors told him he would most likely miss his entire junior year football season due to a track injury.

"Came around the corner for the 200 and felt a pop. It sounded like a gun going off basically it was just a really loud pop right in my hip," recalls Rylee.

He tore his hip flexor and tore off a chunk of bone from his hip.

His doctor said he'd be lucky to play in the last few games of the season, but Rylee didn't take that as an answer.

"Went to physical therapy sometimes up to 6-7 days a week try to get that thing strengthened as much as I can," says Rylee.

Between a healthy diet, lots of stretching, and plenty of determination, he's a starter.

"I knew in my mind that if I did everything right and took as much time as I needed to sit back and relax I was going to be ready to go for the season," says Rylee.

He says even though his hip isn't back to one hundred percent, he's happy to be back on the field and has a message for anyone who is also suffering from an injury

"If you just keep your mind right and you do everything you think you should to heal yourself, Gods' gonna help you out with all that and you're gonna be ready to go again."