Reyes wrestles for Dodge City

Published: Dec. 21, 2016 at 10:26 PM CST
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If you follow Dodge City girls’ soccer, you're used to seeing 2016 WAC Player of The Year Mariyah Reyes do amazing things on the pitch, but she also gets it done on the mat.

"I'll get a few looks here and there,” Reyes said. “Just there to go you know. Not there to play any games."

The feisty junior grapples with the boys.

"I don't really even think about it,” Dodge City head wrestling coach Lars Lueders said. “I don't think about, do we have a girl in the room or a boy. I mean, she's just one of the wrestlers on the team."

Mariyah, having participated in the sport for four years, is already an accomplished wrestler too.

"In middle school she won a girls state championship,” Coach Lueders said. “First ever in Dodge City."

Her accolades are enough to impress her teammates.

"It's very exciting to have someone like that for sure," Dodge City senior Tylor Garcia said.

She wants to make varsity but faces challenges out of her control.

"Girls don't have the same muscle mass abilities as guys so she has to make up for it with her moves," Coach Lueders said.

She may also make way for a new lane in the sport.

“Girls wrestling is a huge sport right now, it’s in the Olympics and it’s definitely an avenue that we need to look into,” Coach Lueders said. "If we had a girls division which is a big push right now, I think she'd be a favorite to probably win a state championship."

Until then, Mariyah will continue to push herself on the mat, inspiring with every fall or decision.

"I can be a role model for other girls to join wrestling too,” Reyes said. “They're like oh she can do it, maybe I can do it too."

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