Q&A with newest Kansas City Chief Blake Bell

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) -- Former Bishop Carroll and Oklahoma star Blake Bell is realizing his childhood dream: he is now a Kansas City Chief.

The NFL pedigree runs deep throughout the Bell family: both his father and uncle had lengthy careers in the league, including his Uncle Mike's 12-year career with the Chiefs.

The young Bell is only in his third professional year, after bouncing from the 49ers to the Vikings, to the Jaguars, and now back to his hometown team.

But the transition from Golden Eagle and Sooner quarterback to the Chiefs' new "Belldozer" tight end, has been quite the journey.

An exclusive Q&A between Eyewitness Sports and Blake Bell:

Blake Bell: "I was joking around and said, if someone would've asked me if I would switch to tight end, I would say no way. I was a quarterback through and through and it just sort of happened. Bishop Carroll prepared me to play quarterback and I played for four years and it was awesome."

Arielle Orsuto: "Who was the first person that came up to you and really talked to you about that switch and that transition?"

Bell: "It was really me and my dad. I called him after Trevor Knight was there and we were battling it out and we talked about maybe switch over to tight end, either that or transfer out so you know wanted to be Sooner I want to stay there, and I had four great years there and wanted to end my career there."

Orsuto: "You say you wish you would've switched to tight end sooner... if you could go back, all the way back to high school, would you have started your career as a tight end?"

Bell: "You know, I don't think so. High school, I say that, but you know high school is one of those things where I had so many guys around me [Orsuto: you were the guy!] I know! I always say that but my o-line and my receivers were great. Our defense was great at Carroll too, we just had a great team."

Orsuto: "You played at Arrowhead two years ago for a preseason game, when you were in that tiny little locker room in that away locker room...you'll be in the much bigger one now. Does it have any benefit to play there before, or really what was that experience like?"

Bell: "Well, because it was a preseason game so it was really loud but I mean I can go back to when I was a kid going there and then you couldn't even hear anyone talk next to you, so you know just knowing that, I definitely know how loud it gets and how the fans can be and I'm looking forward to it."

Orsuto: "You grew up watching one of the best tight ends in Tony Gonzales and now you have one of the best current tight ends sitting right in front of you. How do you feel like you fit into the 'tight end factory' that is happening in Kansas City?"

Bell: "To get there and learn from Travis and just the way he runs routes and he does everything on the field, and like you said, he's one of the best tight ends in the game right now and you know I'm just ready to get there do whatever I can do to help the team, special teams or whatever I need to do. So I'm excited for that and I look forward to it."

Orsuto: "How are you feeling right now? You're about to be a Kansas City Chief and I have to imagine that's what you grew up wishing you could be!"

Bell: "Just coming here and seeing all my family and really having a good time with them and just sitting back and taking it all in because you really have to enjoy these moments and just have fun with it."

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