Miege wins 5th straight title in rout of Goddard

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TOPEKA, Kan. - The Bishop Miege Stags seized their 5th consecutive 4A State championship title Saturday against the Goddard Lions at Hummer Sports Park.

In the first quarter Bishop Miege got off to a quick start by scoring on their first 3 offensive possession leading Goddard 21-0. A series of first down conversions gave Goddard the momentum to get in position to score a touchdown by Jake Shope in the last 2 minutes of the quarter. Goddard defense was able to get a 3 and out shut to close out the quarter.

In the second quarter an early fumble recovery by Goddard gave them an early 2nd quarter touchdown putting them within striking distance of Bishop Miege with a score of 28-13. Following the touchdown, a field goal by Gentry Cole got Goddard's score to 17. Hudson Bentley then scored his 2nd touchdown of the game extending Bishop Miege’s lead to 42-17. After a kick recovery, Goddard gets it’s own ball back at the 30 and a first down conversion leads to a Goddard touchdown by Carter Morrow bring them within 18 points of Bishop Miege. With less than 2 minutes left in the 1st half, Brison Cobbins gets his second touchdown of the half with a 22 yard reception.

Entering into the second half, Bishop Miege comes out the gate strong with a 2 yard touchdown reception that extended their lead 55-24. A fumble recovery by Bishop Miege puts them at their own 20 in which they ultimately score extending lead to 62-24. In the fourth quarter, the Lions tried to get back in the game by add another touchdown but it just wasn’t enough to secure a victory.

Bishop Miege’s head coach Jon Holmes said that wining the 5th back to back state title “Means a lot. It’s hard to do every year especially with a target on your back and everyone expects you to do it. This group did a tremendous job each week getting focused. They came in with one goal this week and that was to win a state championship and they were able to do that today”. Holmes talked about how they were able to use the momentum from the opening kick off to get their team going and getting all the nervous gitters out.