Maize South girls remain undefeated against Wichita South, 56-49

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) The Lady Mavs remain undefeated on their season after the ACVTL and GWAL challenge against Wichita South.

Wichita State head coach Keitha Adams sat front row to keep her eyes on Maverick star Katie Wagner. The junior kept the crowd cheering all game with fast breaks to the basket.

Lauren Johnson and Wagner doubled up all game to keep the Mavs with the advantage. At one point, Wichita South managed to get within three points of the home team, but foul trouble and missed shots in the final moments sealed Maize South's win.

The Mavericks move to 8-0 on their season before a contest with Kapaun Mt. Carmel on January 18.