Maize South gets huge road win over Ark City

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ARKANSAS CITY, Kan. - The Maize South girls played both ends of the court with great discipline on Friday night. The Mavericks girls didn’t miss many shots to get on the scoreboard. On defense, the Mavericks didn’t give the Bulldogs much of a chance to get on the scoreboard. The Mavericks beat the Arkansas City girls 66-16.

By the end of the first quarter, the Mavericks put 24 points on the scoreboard and were up by 18 points. Maize South continued to push ahead as the game continued ending the first half with 45 points. The Bulldogs ended the first half still in single digits, at 9.

The Mavericks Zayda Perez was one of the lead scorers for Maize South. Perez scored 14 points throughout the game. Perez was tied by Katie Wagner, who scored 14 points in the game as well. The Maize South girls controlled the game all the way through. The Mavericks teamwork gave them a solid win over the Bulldogs 66-16.