Maize, Maize South play to 1-1 draw

For a game as well played as this was between two rivals, it was almost fitting to see the game end in a tie. The two sides were just that evenly matched throughout.

Apr, 9, 2019; Wichita, Kansas, USA; ©Kelly Ross

It took just over five minutes for Maize South to strike first, with Angela Palmer delivering a perfect slow roller through the defense to Sierra Amaya who created a one-on-one for herself, getting by Riley Quiggle to make it 1-0.

From there it was a defensive battle between the two sides, but not without each squad having a fair amount of shots on goal.

Maize South's Abbey WIlks and the Maize combo of Quiggle and Lilly Koehn were up to the task for the next almost 74 minutes of action, which is when the Eagles finally broke through.

Maize Freshman Anjolina Schmidt dropped a deep pass in perfectly to Mina Chapman who got around the defense, coming through with the goal in the 79th minute to level the match at 1 goal apiece.

Neither side could score for the remaining minute plus, and the 1-1 score held up through a pair of overtime periods.

Apr, 9, 2019; Wichita, Kansas, USA; ©Kelly Ross