MAYB National Tournament brings local talent together

The MAYB National Tournament in Wichita has given talent from across the Wichita area a chance to join forces for a shot at the title.

The Kansas Pray N Play 17U team features a mix of local talent, some of which are playing a year above their age, while others are finishing their last summer season before college basketball.

But how do you bring all of the talent together to make it work? Pray N Play head coach Todd Alexander says it is simple.

"I have six college guys on my team," Alexander said. "If we don't when a number of these games that falls on me," he joked.

Bishop Carroll forward Alex Littlejohn is one of the six players who wore the Pray N Play logo this week.

"We play against each other in school ball, then we come together in the summer and play together," Littlejohn added.

Kapaun forward Blake Danitschek echoed his "Holy-War" counter part.

"We just know how to play the game the right way," he said.

Steele Chapman is a rising senior guard from Campus. He calls this team's ability to connect poetry in motion.

"We just know how to play the game, we do what our coach says and it all comes together," Chapman explained. He also said the competition will ramp back up come winter. "I want to guard these guys when we play, it makes it more fun. We'll battle, but as soon as it is done we go back to being friends again," Chapman added.

Shawn Warrior, Chapman's teammate says this tournament is the highest competition but for the pair of Colts, this tournament will mark the end of an era.

"It means a lot, I have been playing for 11 or 12 years now," Warrior said. "When you think of summer basketball, this is it."