Haven wins rubber match with Nickerson

With the score tied at 4 early, Haven went on a big run and never looked back, running away to a 21 point home win over Nickerson.

The Wildcats went on a 13-0 run in the first quarter to quickly make it a 17-4 game, with Faith Paramore and Jordan Barlow leading the way early.

In the second, Nickerson got back to scoring, but Arie Roper took over for the Lady Cats to keep them ahead, extending the lead to 17 at the break.

The Cats came away with the 53-32 win at home, their second over Nickerson in as many weeks, accounting for each of the Panthers losses. Paramore lead the way with 16 while Roper added 13. Madison Ontjes paced Nickerson with 16 of her own.

With the win, Haven is now tied atop the Central Kansas League standings alongside Nickerson with just three games to play.