Friday the 13th brings out the weird at Andover Central-Eisenhower

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GODDARD, Kan. - For a game that turned out to be a big win in the favor of Andover Central, the AVCTL matchup started as weird as you can picture, fitting for a Friday the 13th with a full moon in the sky.

The first quarter featured more safeties than first downs--two to one--and the lone first down in the quarter came on the first play from scrimmage.

But with a 2-2 score adorning the game, a big return from Xavier Bell on a safety punt return set the Jaguars up to finally punch it in--and they did, with Shomari Parnell taking the very next play in for the rushing score to make it 9-2.

The ensuing Eisenhower drive ended in a sack, strip, and fumble return for score to make it a 15-2 game, the third turnover of the quarter, and one that ended with an extra point being blocked.

And if you thought the wackiness ended there, you were wrong. Less than 20 seconds into the second quarter, there was a third safety, this the second high snap on a punt, giving Andover Central a 17-2 lead. 17 points, a very normal football score, coming in the most unconventional of ways: safety, touchdown, touchdown with blocked xp, safety.

And the weird still didn't stop. After a punt, the Derek Tuttle dug into his bag of tricks to keep things moving. Parnell pitched to Ty Hermann who gave it up to Bell, and the all-state performer in basketball--wearing his second jersey of the game--heaved a bomb to a wide open Matt Macy for the score.

24-2 the Jags were up entering halftime of one of the oddest games of football this writer has seen, with Central getting a 33-2 win to improve to 2-0 on the season.

The Jags will now welcome in fellow 2-0 team Goddard in one of the premier matchups of week three. Eisenhower will look to bounce back with a Thursday night trip to Andover.