Former Chiefs hold special teams camp

Published: Jul. 7, 2016 at 9:29 PM CDT
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Former Chiefs punter Louie Aguiar held his 13th annual Southwest Kansas Kicking Camp Thursday on the Cimarron football field. He and former Chiefs kicker Kelly Goodburn taught kids from around the area about how to properly kick, punt, long snap and other aspects of special teams play.

“I love it, just coming out here,” Aguiar said. “You see the kids eyes light up, ‘oh they play for the Chiefs’.”

Goodburn, who played for the Chiefs from 1987-1990, has led the camp the last three years in Aguiar’s absence while he assumed his Assistant Special Teams Coach position with the New York Jets. Goodburn brings championship experience to the camp, winning a Super Bowl with the Washington Redskins.

“We’re not trying to change how they kick, just give them some pointers to get them in a better position so they’ll be successful,” Goodburn said. “I enjoy seeing them smile after they hit a couple good ones and they figure it out.”

Incoming freshman Bryan Chavez hopes to compete for the starting kicker job at Cimarron in the fall. After attending the camp, he looks well on his way.

“I’ve been training every weekend and I’ve been going to a lot of camps and this one especially is the one I like the most because last year I came to it and I learned so much,” Chavez said. “When I first started I was always aiming my hips to left. Now everything’s straight and probably perfect. Not perfect but it’s almost there.”

Aguiar played for Kansas City from 1994-1998 and said he enjoys coming out to teach kids the fundamentals every year. It’s his only camp. He says they get to learn skills he and Goodburn didn’t get to until late in their college careers.

“If they learn proper skills younger, they’re not going to have as many bad habits as they get older,” Aguiar said. “They’re so much farther ahead of us, and just seeing their eyes light up, I get more excited when I see them punt the ball correctly, kick the field goal or do the long snap.”

Most kids aspire to play quarterback or wide receiver. Playing special teams isn’t the most glamorous on the football field, but it can still pay dividends long term.

“There are a lot of guys that play special teams in college, that make it in the pros so I’m trying to give them that experience,” Aguiar said.