Flurry of late goals sends Derby by Kapaun

Looking at the final scoreboard, you might find it hard to believe that the match between Derby and Kapaun ended with the spread it did.

But a flurry of goals in the final quarter of the match pushed it from a 0-0 tie to a 4-1 Derby win, sending the Panthers to 8-1 on the season.

After a rainy opening 62 minutes, the skies cleared out and Andy Denesongkham got things started for the Panthers, breaking the scoreless tie by chipping in a corner kick from Omar Vielmas.

Three minutes later, the Panthers kept it going, this time Caleb Day punchiung home a penalty kick after being taken down in the box to make it a 2-0 match.

The goal of the match came courtesy of Scott Simmons, sizing up a strike from 25 yards out that just got over the outstretched hands of the keeper to make it a 3-1 match.

Kapaun senior Kevin Black ended Derby's hopes of a shutout with a late goal of his own, his 21st of the season, before Saul Munoz got the spread back to 4-1 to end the scoring on the night.