Female golfer on Campus boys' team earns college scholarship

HAYSVILLE, Kan. (KWCH) -- Kaylea Hein started golfing just 6 years ago. She wanted to play in high school but there was no girls team at Campus, so that meant she had to play with the boys.
Fast forward - and she is now committed to playing at Sterling College next season.

"I think it's awesome," said Kaylea's mom Tanya, "and I told her, I said all you have to do is hit one ball straight, and long, and the rest of the time you'll win because they're gonna try and outhit you"

She's been doing just that. As a matter of fact, she's likely going to be the number 1 or 2 golfer this year for the Colts. But playing with the boys still poses its issues.

"It's actually difficult at times because they usually hit further than I do and they're better than I am but I just gotta push through and realize that eventually I'll face girls and I hopefully am better than them," said Kaylea.

She and two other girls tried out their freshman year but were intimidated, and stopped. But their coach wouldn't let them quit saying she was too good to not play - the boys on the team were all for it.

"They've really been good as far as accepting, really accepting, and you know, as a matter of fact I think she probably pushes the guys because they don't want to get beat by a girl, you know what I mean?" said Tanya.

"And the coaches, I can't say enough about the coaches. they didn't even have to accept her and they did."

She's been playing from men's tees in high school. In college she'll get to play from the women's box, which she says makes it much easier since the course is that much shorter.

In being the first girl to play on the boys team, she's a pioneer. And now the goal is to create opportunities for other girls.

Says her dad David, "they kept telling them, if you can get enough girls together, I will coach the girls team--and the boys team--but the girls team as well"