Dodge City wins Hatchet Game for first time since 2015

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DODGE CITY, Kan. For the 116th time the Garden City High School Buffaloes took on the Dodge City Red Demons. All records are thrown out, with the Buffaloes and Red Demons both 2-0 in the Western Athletic Conference coming into the game.

From first kick off the Red Demons came out gunning with scoring on their first drive with a run of 6 yards by quarterback Beau Foster. With the missed extra point, the Red Demons go up 6-0. The Buffs with no sign of offense, punt four times in the first quarter. The Demons adding two more scores, one by running back Jaiel Johnson, and the other, a QB keeper by Foster, put them up 20-0 going into half time.

Going into the second half, a slow third quarter with no scores gave way to the Buffs having almost no offense and a total of three first downs. Two picks thrown by Garden City QB Tye Davis to set the Red Demons up to run the clock down. The Buffs managed a long 65 yard run by senior Reece Moors to set the Buffs up for their first score of the game to put the Buffs within 14. The Red Demons managed to stop the Buffs to force multiple punts in the fourth quarter. With clock running out the Red Demons score a TD to seal the game and stop any chances of a comeback, to close out the game 20-7.

Winning the Hatchet this year is the Dodge City Red Demons. Taking it back after a two year losing streak to Garden City. The Red Demons go 4-3 on the season and 3-0 in the WAC. Next week they travel to Liberal to close out the regular season.

As for the Buffaloes, they go to 2-5 on the season and 2-1 in the WAC, and will travel to Great Bend to take on the Panthers.