Bishop Carroll boys limit Kapaun's offense

WICHITA, Kan.--- A a war between 5A’s number one and third ranked boys teams tonight but Bishop Carroll dominated from early on. Kapaun came in having lost only one game this season.
The crowded bleachers and arm rails proved that the fans thought this was going to be more of a battle too.

Jan, 17, 2020; Wichita, Kansas, USA; during a City League showdwon between the Bishop Carroll Golden Eagles and Kapaun Mt. Carmel Crusaders ©Kelly Ross

Bishop Carrol coach Mike Domnick said, "They've been playing awfully well I've been watching tape on them and it's what both of us need, we both need to be challenged, getting ready to go into mid-season tournament and they definitely did that tonight. That freshman post player, he's a special player and we didn't have any answer for him in the last quarter."

Senior Justin Powell said, "Our perseverance, they made a couple runs on us and we kept coming back fighting, especially on our defensive side. It's for the number one spot seating right now in City League so we haven't won city league ever yet, so we're coming in, we've got to win this game and we came out and won."

"We always play pretty good defense but I say our defense, I mean its Holy War, it's a fresh start,” senior Tanner Mans said. “They're always playing good because they're always playing against us and we always play good because it's against them so it's always a good game."

"It's all in our defense, our offense has always been up there but we've been holding teams to 30-40 points and that's huge no matter who we're playing, we're holding them to 40 points and that's huge," said Powell.

Leading by nearly 20 points at points, Bishop Carroll remains undefeated with this 10 point win over Kapaun tonight. Carroll’s Alex Littlejohn led the Golden Eagles with 21 points.
KMC will host Northwest on Tuesday, Jan. 21st while Bishop Carroll hosts North.