Andale stays perfect in big win over Scott City

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ANDALE, Kan. - On paper, this looked like it could be a state title match. Number one Andale. Number two Scott City. Quite the game for the sectional round of the playoffs.

But on the field, it was all Andale from start to finish. The cold weather came into play quick, with Beaver QB Parker Gooden losing the handle and fumbling early in the first quarter.

That fumble was crucial, as it led to the first score of the day for the Indians, a short run from Mac Brand.

Andale forced Scott City to play their style of game, that fumble one of four turnovers for the Beavers. Then on the offensive side of the ball, the Indian offensive line was unstoppable, blocking their way to five touchdowns, three of those coming on the legs of Brand.

The final tally, a 35-14 Andale win to saddle Scott City with their first loss of the year, one that ends their season.

The Andale defense has now given up just 67 points over 11 games. But their biggest test could be on the horizon, a road trip to face Travis Theis and the Pratt Greenbacks.