2020 West Regional Girls Wrestling Tournament

Published: Feb. 15, 2020 at 10:17 PM CST
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Results from the first Kansas West Regional Girls Wrestling Tournament at McPherson High School.

Weight 101:

1st Place - Kassidy Leiszler of Concordia Hs

2nd Place - Breckyn Elliott of Great Bend Hs

3rd Place - Josiah Ortiz of Lakin Hs

4th Place - Mana Chanthansone of Liberal Hs

5th Place - Chloe Sullivan of Garden City Hs

6th Place - Eleanor Breen of Wichita-Southeast

1st Place Match

Kassidy Leiszler (Concordia Hs) 17-3, Sr. over Breckyn Elliott (Great Bend Hs) 33-5, Jr. (Dec 6-2)

3rd Place Match

Josiah Ortiz (Lakin Hs) 24-4, Fr. over Mana Chanthansone (Liberal Hs) 22-9, Fr. (Dec 8-7)

5th Place Match

Chloe Sullivan (Garden City Hs) 25-12, Jr. over Eleanor Breen (Wichita-Southeast) 27-5, Sr. (Fall 0:27)

Weight 109:

1st Place - Anna Cullens of Wellington Hs

2nd Place - Isabell Ortiz of Lakin Hs

3rd Place - Jadyn Thompson of Pratt Hs

4th Place - Skyleigh Pflaster of Abilene Hs

5th Place - Sarah Zimmerman of Hays Hs

6th Place - Amilia Martinez of Holcomb

1st Place Match

Anna Cullens (Wellington Hs) 23-1, Fr. over Isabell Ortiz (Lakin Hs) 27-3, So. (TB-1 8-6)

3rd Place Match

Jadyn Thompson (Pratt Hs) 27-6, Fr. over Skyleigh Pflaster (Abilene Hs) 10-5, Jr. (Fall 2:27)

5th Place Match

Sarah Zimmerman (Hays Hs) 21-7, Fr. over Amilia Martinez (Holcomb) 22-8, So. (Fall 1:00)

Weight 116:

1st Place - Nichole Moore of Nickerson Hs

2nd Place - Anayka Besco of Rose Hill Hs

3rd Place - Mikyah Cain of Oakley Hs

4th Place - KASSIDY KHAMVONGSA of Wichita-North Hs

5th Place - Kylar Smith of Hutchinson

6th Place - Esmerelda Corado of Garden City Hs

1st Place Match

Nichole Moore (Nickerson Hs) 35-7, Sr. over Anayka Besco (Rose Hill Hs) 13-8, Sr. (Fall 5:31)

3rd Place Match

Mikyah Cain (Oakley Hs) 24-4, Fr. over KASSIDY KHAMVONGSA (Wichita-North Hs) 17-4, Sr. (Fall 4:54)

5th Place Match

Kylar Smith (Hutchinson) 18-4, So. over Esmerelda Corado (Garden City Hs) 24-9, Fr. (Fall 4:15)

Weight 123:

1st Place - Elise Rose of Maryville

2nd Place - Maritza Jimenez of Hutchinson

3rd Place - Kaleigh Marbut of McPherson Hs

4th Place - Mikayla Konrade of Winfield Hs

5th Place - Dache Island-Jones of Manhattan Hs

6th Place - Destiny Avila of Garden City Hs

1st Place Match

Elise Rose (Maryville) 15-0, Jr. over Maritza Jimenez (Hutchinson) 28-1, Jr. (Dec 7-4)

3rd Place Match

Kaleigh Marbut (McPherson Hs) 25-3, Sr. over Mikayla Konrade (Winfield Hs) 11-6, So. (Fall 1:32)

5th Place Match

Dache Island-Jones (Manhattan Hs) 24-7, So. over Destiny Avila (Garden City Hs) 16-8, Sr. (Fall 2:50)

Weight 130:

1st Place - Anjelina Serrano of Garden City Hs

2nd Place - Breanna Ridgeway of Great Bend Hs

3rd Place - Olivia McNeal of Haysville-Campus Hs

4th Place - Ashlynn Goodwin of Goddard Hs

5th Place - Kaitlyn Hain of Wellington Hs

6th Place - Marissa Porsch of Hoxie

1st Place Match

Anjelina Serrano (Garden City Hs) 32-6, Jr. over Breanna Ridgeway (Great Bend Hs) 32-1, So. (Fall 5:31)

3rd Place Match

Olivia McNeal (Haysville-Campus Hs) 14-2, Sr. over Ashlynn Goodwin (Goddard Hs) 16-4, Fr. (Dec 4-0)

5th Place Match

Kaitlyn Hain (Wellington Hs) 26-4, So. over Marissa Porsch (Hoxie) 24-9, So. (Fall 3:47)

Weight 136:

1st Place - Xara Bacci of Andover Central

2nd Place - Cheyenne Blackwood of Valley Center Hs

3rd Place - Cakia Tucker-Dunbar of Wichita-Heights Hs

4th Place - Belle Hernandez of Garden City Hs

5th Place - Lexi Deines of Great Bend Hs

6th Place - Tally Wikum of Hoisington Hs

1st Place Match

Xara Bacci (Andover Central) 27-3, So. over Cheyenne Blackwood (Valley Center Hs) 27-7, So. (Fall 5:01)

3rd Place Match

Cakia Tucker-Dunbar (Wichita-Heights Hs) 27-6, Jr. over Belle Hernandez (Garden City Hs) 16-7, Fr. (Fall 1:18)

5th Place Match

Lexi Deines (Great Bend Hs) 27-9, Jr. over Tally Wikum (Hoisington Hs) 22-6, Fr. (MD 14-2)

Weight 143:

1st Place - Livia Swift of Pratt Hs

2nd Place - Kammie Schanz of Mulvane Hs

3rd Place - Sydney Boyle of Wakeeney-Trego Community Hs

4th Place - Autumn Perez of Dodge City Hs

5th Place - Gloria Peroza of Emporia

6th Place - Ashlyn Kaus of Hoxie

1st Place Match

Livia Swift (Pratt Hs) 30-3, So. over Kammie Schanz (Mulvane Hs) 28-2, Fr. (Fall 4:53)

3rd Place Match

Sydney Boyle (Wakeeney-Trego Community Hs) 32-4, Jr. over Autumn Perez (Dodge City Hs) 11-6, So. (Fall 3:43)

5th Place Match

Gloria Peroza (Emporia) 18-8, Sr. over Ashlyn Kaus (Hoxie) 22-14, Sr. (Fall 1:47)

Weight 155:

1st Place - Morgan Mayginnes of Onaga Hs

2nd Place - Marissa Murray of Wichita-South Hs

3rd Place - Briana Perez of Great Bend Hs

4th Place - Holli Giddings of McPherson Hs

5th Place - Bailey Sanders of Hoisington Hs

6th Place - Alondra Guzman of Garden City Hs

1st Place Match

Morgan Mayginnes (Onaga Hs) 10-0, Sr. over Marissa Murray (Wichita-South Hs) 22-1, Fr. (Fall 1:12)

3rd Place Match

Briana Perez (Great Bend Hs) 27-11, Jr. over Holli Giddings (McPherson Hs) 26-4, So. (Dec 7-6)

5th Place Match

Bailey Sanders (Hoisington Hs) 21-3, Sr. over Alondra Guzman (Garden City Hs) 17-13, So. (Fall 0:32)

Weight 170:

1st Place - Jolie Ziegler of Council Grove

2nd Place - wrestler wrestler of Larned

6th Place - Lyndsey Buechman of Abilene Hs

6th Place - Grace Timmons of Valley Center Hs

Weight 191:

1st Place - Elisa Robinson of Junction City Hs

2nd Place - Trinity Ervin of Emporia

3rd Place - Payton Sholander of Douglass Hs

4th Place - Madison Skytte of McPherson Hs

5th Place - ANGELINA GILLEGOS of Wichita-North Hs

6th Place - Nakitta Macis of Chaparral Hs

1st Place Match

Elisa Robinson (Junction City Hs) 27-0, Sr. over Trinity Ervin (Emporia) 16-9, Jr. (MD 15-2)

3rd Place Match

Payton Sholander (Douglass Hs) 31-3, Fr. over Madison Skytte (McPherson Hs) 15-11, Jr. (Fall 0:25)

5th Place Match

ANGELINA GILLEGOS (Wichita-North Hs) 8-14, Jr. over Nakitta Macis (Chaparral Hs) 5-4, Fr. (SV-1 3-2)

Weight 235:

1st Place - Rebekah Franklin of Salina-Central Hs

2nd Place - Maddi Miller of Nickerson Hs

3rd Place - Kyeal Mogbo of Great Bend Hs

4th Place - Chelsey Armbruster of Chapman

5th Place - Megan Olson of Emporia

6th Place - Kimberly Vazquez of Wichita-South Hs

1st Place Match

Rebekah Franklin (Salina-Central Hs) 13-2, Jr. over Maddi Miller (Nickerson Hs) 16-1, Fr. (Fall 3:13)

3rd Place Match

Kyeal Mogbo (Great Bend Hs) 15-11, Jr. over Chelsey Armbruster (Chapman) 12-7, So. (Fall 3:00)

5th Place Match

Megan Olson (Emporia) 12-11, So. over Kimberly Vazquez (Wichita-South Hs) 12-5, So. (Fall 2:10)

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