2018 Fall Student Section Rankings: Week 5

Published: Sep. 27, 2018 at 2:31 PM CDT
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For the fourth year, the Catch It Kansas student sections rankings are back!

In 2018, area student sections came out strong to start the year, causing a big shake up from our preseason rankings. Before we get to those, as always, here's a recap of past champions

Fall 2015: Garden City High School

Winter 2015-16: Berean Academy

Fall 2016: Goddard High School

Winter 2016-17: Andover High School

Fall 2017: Garden City High School

Winter: 2017-18: McPherson High School

Let's get to the rankings. Starting us out at the top...

(1) Campus

Campus got the trend started of honoring the life of Deputy Kunze by changing their theme to wear blue. They even got the visiting Salina South fans to wear blue with them, while the team on the field joined them with a blue stripe on their helmet. Props, Screamin' Stampede.

(2) Derby

The white out on the road, and an incredible way to honor a fallen hero. Derby brought it on Friday night.

(3) Goddard

The Den was on the road in their own stadium and made it feel like home. A bucket drum line? Whatever works to get that homefield advantage back!

(4) Kapaun

Kapaun brought it on the road against Andover. I'm surprised they had enough room for everyone in the road stands as well as the Crusaders traveled!

(5) Eisenhower

Rivalry game, black out, modifying it to add a touch a blue. The Zoo was loud and brought it til the very end of a tough game.

(6) Maize

The Red Rage got Moses to show up to part the red sea. It's no wonder they haven't allowed a single point this year.

(7) Circle

The 19 game losing streak is no more! The Bird Cage was hype the entire night anyway, but adding a win after more than two years to that? Towanda turned into a party.

(8) Salina Central

This is a cool new tradition to get going, and what a better time to be a Mustang--The team is to a 3-1 start!

(9) Great Bend

White out, or bright out? The Rage Cage lit up the night to celebrate homecoming.

(10) Andover

The Blue Crew turned into glowsticks for a big game with Kapaun, and like they said, their presence was felt.

HM: Garden City, Salina South, Andover Central, Bishop Carroll, Southeast, Augusta, McPherson, Hesston, Maize South, Wellington