2018 Fall Student Section Rankings: Week 4

 twitter: @kmcthemes
twitter: @kmcthemes (KWCHCIK)
Published: Sep. 20, 2018 at 4:13 PM CDT
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For the fourth year, the Catch It Kansas student sections rankings are back!

In 2018, area student sections came out strong to start the year, causing a big shake up from our preseason rankings. Before we get to those, as always, here's a recap of past champions

Fall 2015: Garden City High School

Winter 2015-16: Berean Academy

Fall 2016: Goddard High School

Winter 2016-17: Andover High School

Fall 2017: Garden City High School

Winter: 2017-18: McPherson High School

Let's get to the rankings. Starting us out at the top...

(1) Kapaun

PAC-MAN! Last week we saw wack-a-mole. Now Kapaun is upping the creativity factor with a game of Pac-Man in the stands to bring in 80s night. These are next level student sections this year, and we're only through three games. I'm just excited of what's to come

(2) Goddard

Goddard brought it again this week. I don't have enough space to embed all of the tweets, so an explainer. The Den brought a

with different color/patterened sides, threw it in the air, and swapped between blue and white shirts after each score. Part of me wishes the game would have been a shootout to really test them.

(3) Derby

Derby wins the road team student section of the week award. If you see the pictures I swear you'd never know the game was being played in Newton.

(4) Great Bend

The Rage Cage went mobile for their second long road trip of the year and didn't disappoint! The Panthers have really set the bar for student sections on the road this year.

(5) Andover Central

The Jungle hit the road to Goddard and lit up the sky with neon night. And it was a long night for them, staying for an overtime game.

(6) Eisenhower

You can tell The Zoo has been itching for that first home game. What a turnout on a Thursday night, and they were LOUD.

(7) Salina Central

The second field rush of the season for the Mustangs! It's always a party when you knock off a rival, especially ending a long losing streak.

(8) Andover

This is good. Jersey Thursday, and leading the student section none other than AVCTL girls baketball MVP Shanti Henry. Fitting, really.

(9) Maize

The Red Rage was HYPE on Friday night. Couldn't tell if they were actually playing a road game half of the night.

(10) Valley Center

Like Eisenhower, you can tell how much the Hornet students were ready for the home opener. They partied their way to a 2-1 start on the year.

HM: Clearwater, East, Campus, Ness City, Maize South, Bishop Carroll, Augusta, Newton