2018 Fall Student Section Rankings: Week 3 (KWCHCIK)
Published: Sep. 13, 2018 at 3:31 PM CDT
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For the fourth year, the Catch It Kansas student sections rankings are back!

In 2018, area student sections came out strong to start the year, causing a big shake up from our preseason rankings. Before we get to those, as always, here's a recap of past champions

Fall 2015: Garden City High School

Winter 2015-16: Berean Academy

Fall 2016: Goddard High School

Winter 2016-17: Andover High School

Fall 2017: Garden City High School

Winter: 2017-18: McPherson High School

Let's get to the rankings. Starting us out at the top...

(1) Goddard

WACK-A-MOLE! This is great. Creative. Something at least this writer has never seen before out of a student section. This one could be hard to top this year. If The Den is breaking out something like this in the second game of the year, I can only imagine what's to come. Bravo.

(2) Kapaun

It's been 6 days and I still don't know what to make of this. Hula dancing...I think? It's fun. It's different. It's enough to land the number two spot this week.

(3) Derby

Panther students took offense to their number six ranking last week, and backed it up with video of them crowd surfing.

The crowd participation, tailgating, and atmosphere from America night was on point too. Good stuff Panthers.

(4) Great Bend

Last week's number one squad drops a bit this week, but not for lack of effort. The black out was loud, and helped deliver a 2-0 start for the Panthers.

(5) Andover Central

You get the feeling that Andover Central will be up at the top all year long. They're bringing something different each week, and check out that explosion at the end of the wave!

(6) Andover

Wake Up people, the Trojan student section is delivering Goosebumps every single night. They're riding that Carousel all the way to the top of Yosemite. I Can't Say WHO? or WHAT! will take them off this wave, but either way, you know they'll have the Antidote.

(7) Campus

The Colts hit the road to Newton, and brought the fat heads with them. After opening the year with two road games, you just know they're itching to bring it at home Friday night.

(8) Newton

On the home side of the field, just check out the crowd Newton brought for its home opener. That whole game just made you feel like you were on the beach, if you ignore the rain of course...

(T-9) Garden City & Chaparral

Not all roller coasters are created equal. Okay, maybe they are. Garden City jumps back into the rankings while Chaparral makes a big debut right alongside them.

(10) Circle

If you think about it, last Friday was the perfect night to spray water everywhere. Already dealing with a rainy night, what's a little more?

HM: Andale, Bishop Carroll, Northwest, East, Maize, Southeast