2018 Fall Student Section Rankings: Preseason

Published: Aug. 30, 2018 at 2:39 PM CDT
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For the third year, the Catch It Kansas student sections rankings are back!

We've been keeping an eye out all summer long before the first football games of the fall kick off Friday night.

First, a recap of past champions

Fall 2015: Garden City High School Winter 2015-16: Berean Academy Fall 2016: Goddard High School Winter 2016-17: Andover High School Fall 2017: Garden City High School Winter: 2017-18: McPherson High School

Now, your first rankings of 2018...

(1) Garden City

The defending champions start the year out on top. In 2017, the students donated $500 each week to a charity of their opponents choice. This month, the football team was so appreciative of the student section's efforts they scheduled a student appreciation practice. Also, this happened.

(2) Kapaun

has been perhaps the most active student section on Twitter leading up to the year. The top student section in Wichita never disappoints.

(3) Derby

Derby students pack the stands and bring the heat week and after week. Just check out the turnout for Derby Night Lights!

(4) Campus

The Screamin' Stampede has been steadily climbing the rankings the last year, becoming one of the top student sections in the state.

(5) Goddard

The Lion Den is always a party! Goddard always brings creativity to the stands on Friday nights. They already sent out a sneak peak of what to expect for the first game:

(6) Andover
(7) Bishop Carroll
(8) Andover Central
(9) Great Bend
(10) Eisenhower

Don't see your school but think you should be top ten? Prove us wrong every Friday night! Tweet us pictures of your school's student section @CatchItKansas. We'll be watching so make sure to be loud, support your team, and bonus points for extra creativity and hitting the road with your school!

Good luck this fall!