2017-18 Winter Student Section Rankings Week 5

The third winter of the CatchitKansas Student Section Rankings is here! Our rankings don't just cover the Wichita area, but go way out west too.

History of Champions:

Fall 2015: Garden City High School
Winter 2015-16: Berean Academy
Fall 2016: Goddard High School
Winter 2016-17: Andover High School
Fall 2017: Garden City High School

Criteria to land in the rankings has been being LOUD, hitting the road with your team, and tweeting @CatchitKansas a photo of your school's section.

Without further ado, here are this week's exclusive CatchitKansas Winter Student Section Rankings:

1) McPherson
2) Eisenhower
3) Maize
4) Newton
5) Great Bend
6) Trinity Academy
7) Wichita East
8) Andover
9) Dodge City
10) Kapaun Mt. Carmel

Receiving Votes: Hutchinson, Wichita Southeast, Wichita Collegiate, Derby, Andover Central, Halstead, Ness City, Wellington, Hillsboro, Berean, Circle, Wichita Northwest, Goddard, Maize South, Bishop Carroll, Salina South, Salina Central, Campus, El Dorado, Douglass