Rising Star Roadtrip: Family ties run strong through Holcomb coaching change

Kent Teeter stepped down as the head coach of the Holcomb Longhorns this off-season. To find his replacement, he didn't have to look far.
Published: Aug. 24, 2023 at 10:58 PM CDT
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HOLCOMB, Kan. (Catch it Kansas) - The Holcomb Longhorns exploded onto the scene of 3A Kansas football when Kent Teeter took over the head coaching job in 2014. Teeter won two championships in a span of his first four years.

“Growing up, I always idolized [the high school football team,]” said Holcomb senior Kooper Tichenor. “Seeing them reach their goals in high school and making those big time games.”

The first of those state championship titles, came with none other than Teeter’s son Trey quarterbacking the team to the trophy.

“He was kind of like a coach when he played,” Kent Teeter said. “He knew the offense and always came to practice with a little bit more”

Now after the storied head coach has been at the helm of the Longhorns for nine years, there is a changing of the guard.

“You know, I’m ready to slow down a little bit. When you know it’s time, it’s time,” Kent Teeter said.

At the end of last football season, Kent Teeter decided that it may be time to step down as head coach of the Longhorns. And to find his replacement - he didn’t have to look very hard.

“I remember last year I said ‘Trey, next year, if you wanted to be the offensive coordinator or the head coach which would you choose?’” he said.

“He didn’t even hesitate. He just said ‘I’d rather be the head coach.’”

From quarterback, to assistant coach, to now head coach of his alma mater. This offseason Kent’s son Trey Teeter officially took the reigns of the program from his dad.

“It was something that I’ve probably dreamed of since being a little kid,” Trey Teeter said.

But for who the players now refer to as ‘Old Coach Teeter,’ Kent isn’t stepping away from the program, but rather to the side, as his son’s assistant coach.

“It’s somebody who has been through it and has coached for 33 years or 34 years,” Trey Teeter said.

“It’s cool just picking his brain a little bit because there’s some things that he’s doing that I would’ve never thought,” Kent Teeter said.

Now as Trey is the new Coach Teeter in charge, he’s ready to take on his elevated role with his support system for his whole life right beside him.

“Not very many people get to say they get to play for their dad, be an assistant coach for their dad and then now I get the opportunity to be the head coach and he’s one of our assistants,” Trey Teeter said. “It’s a special thing and we’ve been pretty grateful for the opportunity.”

“It’s been really, really... I’ve been really blessed,” Kent Teeter said. “There’s no doubt about that.”