YMCA Farha Sports Centers offer new opportunities for boys volleyball

High school male volleyball players are hoping to grow the new YMCA league created just for boys.
Published: Jul. 7, 2022 at 10:07 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (Catch it Kansas) - The YMCAC Farha Sports Centers in Andover and South Wichita are hosting a new group of athletes: boys volleyball teams.

Hoping to grow a league just for boys, the high schoolers already competing against each other this summer are hoping more of their peers try it out.

About 20 male volleyball players have formed three teams in this newly created YMCA league.

Volunteer boys volleyball coach David Ramirez said, “Most of these guys started playing last summer so they don’t have quite the experience the ladies do. Their experience level is within a year or two. Some of them are a little longer but most of them are just within that short period of time.”

David Ramirez is a volunteer YMCA coach in this new boys volleyball league. Starting out as open gym for the boys, a boys team was formed but with no league of their own to play in, they competed in the girls league until this summer.

“I’ve tried a whole bunch of other sports and none of them really make me as happy as volleyball does. It’s really a rush. It’s awesome,” said Ark City High School sophomore Noah Harper.

Driving all the way from Ark City every week to compete, Harper has been a manager for the Ark City Middle and High School volleyball teams for several years.

“It’s fun watching them play and it’s hard not to want to be in there with them,” exclaimed Harper.

“Southeast High School and Derby High School, they had clubs for boys and they actually had a few local tournaments,” said Ramirez. “My thoughts and I’m sure the boys coach at Southeast and Derby would say, it would be nice to have all the city schools have some type of club activity for the boys who want to play.”

But in the meantime, Ramirez is hoping to grow the league for next season with at least double the amount of players.

“It’s excited to see them play with passion and to just go out and try something and some of them have bought their own balls so they’re going to the gym, they’re renting court space to go out and play with their friends,” Ramirez said.

Harper grinned from ear to ear while saying, “The thrill of just smashing the ball down the line or in someone’s face or getting a big block, there’s nothing that compares, it really doesn’t.”

Interested in joining this new boys’ volleyball league or just looking for more information contact the YMCA Farha Sports Director Catherine Seals at the Farha South Courts Branch located at 3405 S. Meridian Avenue, Wichita, Kansas 67217. The office phone number is 316-776-8409.

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