2022 Kansas 6A-5A Boys State Wrestling semifinals

Published: Feb. 25, 2022 at 11:08 PM CST
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WICHITA, Kan. (Catch it Kansas) - Results from the 2022 Boys State Wrestling semifinals of the 6A-5A tournament at Hartman Arena on Friday, Feb. 25th. Winners of each semifinal advance to the state title matches held on Saturday, beginning after 9 .m.

6A area boys semifinal matches:

113: Shields (North) def. Meinheit (BV West) by Fall 6:00

120: Tatum (Derby) def. McGivern (Rural) by Fall 3:23

Sheler (Campus) def. Lagerman (Manhattan) Fall 1:40

126: Heiman (Garden City) def. Honas (Lawrence) by Fall 5:32

132: Mendez (Dodge) def. Smith (Gardner) by Fall 2:41

Bradley (Olathe East) def. Gauna (Derby) by MD 14-5

138: Rusher (Derby) def. Borjas (Gardner) by 5-4 Decision

160: Boline (Rural) def. Zapien (Liberal) by Fall 1:04

170: Barker (Dodge) def. Hammers (Gardner) by Fall 3:09

Juarez (Liberal) def. Dunlap (Garden) by 7-0 Decision

182: Willians (Campus) def. Neptune (Derby) by 6-5 Decision

195: Jouret (Olathe South) def. Morford (Northwest) by Fall 1:28

220: Lowe (BV West) def. Wash (Derby) by Fall 2:20

Ross (Northwest) def. Houston (Manhattan) by Fall 5:58

285: Lopez (Garden) def. Eisen (SMNW) by Fall 1:58

5A area boys semifinal matches:

106: Schwartz (Valley) def. Ballard (Basehor) by Fall 0:24

Kaufman (Newton) def. Markley (BVSW) by Major Decision 9-0

113: Treaster (Newton) def. Shields (Valley) by Fall 5:53

Glover (Goddard) def. Hickman (Mill Valley) by Fall 1:10

120: Stokes (Newton) def. Miller (Goddard) by Major Decision 10-0

Spragis (Great Bend) def. Cooper (Mill Valley) by Fall 5:49

126: Wright (Kapaun) def. Allen (Aquinas) by TF- 1.5 4:27 (17-2)

Casella (Mill Valley) def. Wolf (Great Bend) by 6-5 Decision

132: Zimmerman (Hays) def. Hughart (Mill Valley) by 10-3 Decision

Mills (BVSW) def. Patterson (Maize) by Injury 5:17

138: Weber (Great Bend) def. Foust (Ark City) by disqualification

Bybee (Newton) def. Bowers (Maize) by 3-2 Decision

145: Tungjaroenkul (Emporia) def. Wessley (Goddard) by Fall 1:22

Maki (Andover) def. McAlister (Mill Valley) by 6-0 Decision

152: Fisher (Goddard) def. Cronk (BVSW) by 13-4 Major Decision

Habben (Aquinas) def. Hernandez (Salina Central) by 5-2 Decision

160: Elmore (Aquinas) def. Huerta (Carroll) by TF- 1.5 5:49 (26-11)

Umentum (BVSW) def. Boone (Valley) by Fall 4:36

170: Padgett (Maize) def. Elias (Kapaun) by Fall 2:48

Levin (Eisenhower) def. Cronk (BVSW) by 10-5 Decision

182: Flores (Maize) def. Fury (Kapaun) by 3-2 Decision

Saunders (Goddard) def. Kays (BVSW) by 7-0 Decision

195: Glass (Goddard) def. Wunder (Shawnee Hts) by TF- 1.5 4:22 (20-5)

Carroll (Aquinas) def. Wunsch (Maize) by 5-0 Decision

220: Meyers (Hays) def. Buchanan (Newton) by Fall 0:59

Forsyth (BVSW) def. Gould (Valley) by Fall 5:04

285: Dietz (Salina South) def. Farrell (BVSW) by Tiebreaker-1 2-1

Caballero (Bonner) def. Gomez (Newton) by 4-1 Decision

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