Boys soccer lights up the scoreboard Thursday

Published: Oct. 7, 2021 at 9:51 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (Catch it Kansas) - The first game of the day, GWAL matchup between Southeast and North boys soccer. A game with the top three players in total points throughout the league. North getting off to a fast start scoring two early goals. North then collects a free kick just outside of Southeast’s penalty box.

Emiliano Gallo took that free kick and Tre Helmer came through with the diving deflection to save Southeast another goal. North still lead 2-0.

The ball fed ahead down the sideline to Alvaro ‘JR’ Quezada, who is the third in the GWAL with 17 points. He crossed it over to Uriel Aguilera-Fernandez who is by far the leading scorer in the league, responsible for 40 total points this season. A comfy lead with Southeast’s Eddy Rachedi in second with 27 points.

Aguilera-Fernandez in front of the net and then turned and got the shot off that brushed right by the keeper’s finger tips in for the score. That put North up 3-0 over Southeast.

Aguilera-Fernandez found himself with the ball again and put some pressure on the keeper. Some fancy footwork caught Helmer off balance and that added another goal for North to give them a 4-0.

Still in the first half, Sergio Olguin-Romero dropped the ball back to Martin Ruiz who crushed the ball and sent it to the back corner of the net. North took a 5-0 lead before the break.

North went on to win 9-0 over Southeast.


An Andover battle between the neighboring schools at Jaguar Stadium. Leo Wurth worked around defenders as four Trojans descended upon him. He dropped the ball back to Jared Cromly who put a boot on it from outside the penalty box. The strong kick got a little air under it and sent it straight to the back corner of the goal. Jaguars went up 1-0.

Andover earns a corner kick and Braden Rupp is there to take it. He put the ball up and as it fell in front of the net, someone got a head on it. But Brandon Bumgarner was there for the save to keep the shutout alive.

Second half of the game, Colbin Luallen took a free kick for Andover Central and sent it a little right of the goal. Wurth was there in the mix and he pulled away for the header straight into the net. That put Andover central up 2-0.

Nate Stephens on the break away towards the goal, sent it up to Colton Ruggles open in front and center of the net. He decided to cut it back to the opposite side of the net and beat the keeper. Jags jumped out to a lead 3-0.

Central went on to beat Andover 4-1.

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