People across Midwest rally around injured Ness City HS football player

Published: Sep. 28, 2021 at 11:33 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - People across the Midwest are rallying around Ness City teenager Bowen Hoss. Last Monday, Hoss took a hit during a football game that caused a brain aneurysm. Since then, he’s been in a coma. On his road to recovery, Hoss’ mother says the outpouring of support and prayers have kept the family’s spirits high.

Sept. 20 started as planned for 15-year-old Hoss. The Ness City High School sophomore was back on the football field for a junior varsity game. But in that game, a helmet-to-helmet hit caused him to go down. His mother, Wendy, said she knew right away something was off.

“Immediately they took him to the bench and they were going to do the regular concussion protocol, but immediately we knew something was different,” she said.

The hit caused a brain aneurysm after blood vessels ruptured, Hoss was born with an arteriovenous malformation, tangled blood vessels in his brain that no one knew about until last Monday’s injury.

“You could tell by the look on his face that something bad had happened, so we knew immediately that something was going on,” Wendy Hoss said.

Hoss was rushed to the emergency room before being flown to Wichita where doctors discovered the arteriovenous malformation, or “AVM.” Hoss was then flown to the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City where he had emergency surgery to relieve pressure on his brain.

His mother says all they can do now is wait and pray.

“So, we have to wait for that to heal so we can fix the problem” she said. “At this point, he is in a coma and we are waiting for him to wake up so that we can take the next step forward.”

Almost immediately, Hoss’ story spread to neighboring communities and even across state lines as Wendy Hoss said she’s heard from supporters from Nebraska and Texas. The hashtag, #BH2 used on social media shows posts form other schools, praying for Hoss’ recovery. A poster of well wishes is on the wall of his hospital room.

Wendy Hoss said it’s the prayers and well wishes that have kept her son and the family going.

“It spready really wide and we can’t be more grateful,” she said. “The more love he has, the more prayer he has, the better chance he has to pull through.”

Confident in her faith and her son, Wendy Hoss said she is looking forward to seeing Bowen open his eyes and smile once he wakes up. She said this experience has taught her not to take little things for granted. She also said her son is a fighter and determined in any situation and this is no different.

“Someday he is going to be back on this floor, thanking these nurses that are taking such good care of him right now,” Wendy Hoss said. “They’re going to see the progress that he made. He is going to be our miracle.”

A GoFundMe fundraiser has been established to help support Bowen Hoss and his family. As of Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 29, the campaign raised nearly $7,000 of the $10,000 goal.

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