Wichita Northwest senior runs sneaker business

Published: Jan. 3, 2021 at 11:32 PM CST
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WICHITA, Kan. (Catch it Kansas) - Most high school athletes own a lot of shoes. The number probably multiplies depending on how many sports they play. For Wichita Northwest senior Zac Daher, shoes started as a hobby, that turned into a passion with a profit.

Daher started his own shoe business, KS Sneaker House on Instagtam after selling pieces of his personal collection back in middle school.

“I’ve always enjoyed wearing the best shoes, wearing what the athletes are wearing, wearing what the celebrities are wearing. There is a big community behind it and it’s always been a passion of mine,” Daher shared. “Then I found out how to multiply my pairs. I started out with a couple of Christmas pairs that were presents. I wanted bigger shoes, I wanted the Jordan 1′s, I wanted the off-whites, and it multiplied. Every pair I traded, I would trade for a higher value and then I got here,” he finished.

The passion for sneakers started in fifth grade, after Daher was gifted his first pair of Lebron James signature sneakers.

“That was my first pair, that is what made me fall in love with shoes when I got them. I didn’t want this one pair, I wanted fifty. I wanted seventy, what I have now,” he smiled.

Daher has been able to make connections in business across the country and around the world, noting the sneaker community is larger than most people think.

“It’s crazy to see how big the sneaker community is, but I love to be a part of it, it’s awesome.”

He shares his favorite part of business is meeting new people and being able to give exclusive shoes to his friends and family as gifts. He says the holiday season has been business as usual selling more than forty pairs in the span of a week.

Being a self taught entrepreneur is one thing, but Daher says the lessons hes learned in business have helped him in other areas, too.

“Shoes have helped me create a structure. I go to school, practice, lift, homework and then shoes. It helps me with time management, it helps me with so many aspects of life. Its just another hobby and this hobby has created structure,” he smiled.

While the business is important to him, it will be put on hold soon. Daher, a 3-star defensive lineman signed to play football at West Point this year. He says he hopes to continue the business eventually, but right now, the main focus is football.

I’m super excited. Who knows if the sneaker thing will carry on, but it has been an awesome experience,” he explained. “I can start it whenever I want.”

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