SALINA, Kan. -

At the end of a sweaty, hard-fought wrestling match the out-of-breath victor gets his hand held up in the air. It's a motion Sacred Heart senior, Nick Wuthnow has become familiar with. Wuthnow has been wrestling since he was four.

"I loved to do all of the workouts," Wuthnow said. "I just learned to love the sport of wrestling."

The wins have been piling up for the senior. He hasn't lost since the end of his sophomore year when he came up short in the state tile match. After the match, his coach at the time pulled him aside with a prediction.

"I think that match, right there, is going to be your last high school loss," he told Wuthnow. "I made that my goal from then on."

His junior year, Wuthnow worked towards that bar. He went undefeated to win state in his weight class.

"It's unbelievable," Wuthnow said. "So much work went into that season."

Now he has to get through one more year to make his old coach's prediction come true.

"Returning state champions always get the best match from their opponents," current coach David Lanning said. "Opponents look at it and say, 'I've got nothing to lose.'"

Wuthnow says he puts a lot of extra work into the sport. He spends time working out after practice and also studies his opponents, pulling up videos of them online.

"I think about what this guy does and what his tenancies are and what his strengths are and what his weaknesses are and how I can attack that," Wuthnow says.

Despite his success, the senior tries to keep from being satisfied.

"So I can achieve my goals of being undefeated and winning state this year," Wuthnow said.