Here’s Bryna Vogel’s Thursday: weights in the morning, class, open gym, drive to Wichita, attend the Wichita Sports Commission Awards Banquet, win the Lynette Woodard High School Female of the Year Award, then drive back to Manhattan.

Ah, the life of a college freshman.

Vogel is already practicing with the Kansas State volleyball team in Manhattan and enrolled in classes. The Clearwater native is the second Vogel to win the Woodard Award behind sister Tricia (2010 winner).

“It’s a family occasion,” Vogel said. “My sister won it, so I thought it was awesome to follow in her footsteps.”

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Bryna grew up looking up to her sister and even mentioned Tricia in her acceptance speech, something that mother Nancy was not surprised by.

“(Bryna) always gives Tricia a lot of credit,” Nancy said. “(Bryna) says she always looked up to (Tricia) and how hard she worked because of how hard she worked.”

The Vogels are the second sister-sister duo to win the award. Jessica McFarland (2002) and Joanna McFarland (2009) were the first.

Bryna has spent the past three weeks at K-State practicing and working out with the team and is part of one of the best recruiting classes in the nation. Her days are packed, but she doesn’t seem to be bothered by it.

“It’s pretty hectic,” Bryna said. “But I don’t mind it. I’m used to it because I’ve always gone from one sport to the next sport to the next sport. I’ve always been busy. It’s nice to get a break every now and then, but it doesn’t happen very often.”

Photos: Wichita Sports Commission Awards Banquet

Although sports took a pretty big bite out of her schedule, Bryna still had friends. Her mom said that you couldn’t twist Bryna’s arm hard enough to get her to say something negative about anyone. Nancy beamed when she talked about Bryna and how she was “just a good kid.”

“The kids at school absolutely love her,” Nancy said. “You know how sometimes you egg them on with ‘How’d things go at practice?’ She never complains. She’d come home and say ‘It was good, it was good.’ She doesn’t say anything bad about anybody, she’s just a good kid.”

Bryna was a three-sport star at Clearwater as she also played basketball and softball. She had a tough time choosing which sport to pursue at the next level.

“It was a hard choice,” she said. “My parents and any coaches that have seen play other sports and they say I seem to just light up when I play volleyball.”