Anthony Santiago, a 5'7 senior from Halstead, impressed more than just the crowd present at Tuesday night's basketball game.

Santiago was unstoppable, draining ten 3-pointers and providing the Halstead Dragons with 43 of their 70 points in their win over Bennington.

We asked Santiago (@TSiz20) for an interview, but not the traditional kind. The questions and answers would be Tweets only, in 140 characters or less.

Hey @TSiz20! You ready to answer some questions in 140 characters or less?

@TSiz20: I sure am!

Awesome! So tell me this, what in the world does it feel like to score ten 3-pointers in only the second game of the season?

 @TSiz20: It's a blessing! I've worked so hard this off season to become a knock down shooter and it paid off Tuesday night!

You bet it did! And to be one of four seniors, I'll bet it feels even better! Do you guys have a goal for the 2013-14 season?

@TSiz20: We do! Our biggest goal for this season is probably make it to state!

What about after this season is over? Do you have plans to play basketball in college? If so, where?

@TSiz20: I do, I want to play in college for sure! I have a few offers but I am undecided right now. Probably decide after this season

Do you have a dream school in mind? Who is your favorite college basketball team? Favorite professional basketball team?

@TSiz20: I don't believe I do! Just like to go Division 1. College team is Duke! Professional team is the Golden State Warriors!

Interesting! Hey, I noticed you have something written on your left wrist in some of the photos we have. What does it say?

@TSiz20: It says F.O.E. Meaning Family Over Everything. Also the O is a basketball. All my brothers got it together.

That's powerful! Got to love team unity. Do you and the guys have big plans for Christmas break? Will Halstead practicing a lot?

@TSiz20: I meant my siblings haha! I have two older brothers. But we do not, i dont believe. We do have a lot of practices though!

Opps! Ok, one last question! You're 2-0 & scored 43 points on Tuesday, that we know. Tell us a hidden talent or trait of yours!

@TSiz20: That's a tough question! One of my traits are to help others. I just love helping people!