The National Federation of State High School Associations has ruled the prohibition of jewelry while participating in a track and field event is no longer necessary. The rule will be eliminated for the 2015 track and field season.

KSHSAA's Assistant Executive Director Jeremy Holaday elaborated on the reasoning behind the decision to eliminate the ban.

"The NFHS Track and Field Rules Committee decided to eliminate the prohibition of jewelry during competition starting with the 2015 season. Contact during competition is the main reason for lifting the ban on jewelry in track and field. In the other sports where jewelry is still not allowed, the contact with other competitors is present. With minimal to no contact with another competitor or teammate during track and field events, the risk of wearing jewelry during competition is virtually none.

It is important to note that though cross country and track and field operate from the same rules book the new jewelry rule does not go into effect for the 2014 cross country season. The cross country rules are set by the previous year’s track and field rules book. Jewelry will not be allowed in cross country until the 2015 season."