LACROSSE, Kansas -

When in search of success you never know when your moment is going to come.

For LaCrosse javelin thrower Lucas Moeder, it was something he really didn't see coming.

"At state, I had just run a 400 before I ran javelin," said Moeder. "I literally had to run to the javelin right away and had to throw right away."

His coach, was pleasantly surprised at what happened next.

"I go you realize you just set the school record right? and he goes what?" said head track coach Jon Webster. "And I said you just broke the broke the school record on your first throw."


That throw would also win him a state title, something his coach said he always believed Moeder had the talent to do.

"He's got a really live arm it's real explosive and he just need to figure everything else out," said Webster

Though Moeder's path was probably more difficult than most.

"Lucas is a really special kid because he had to deal with so much adversity as a young athlete. He had two two knee injuries one as middle schooler and one as a sophomore," said Webster. "He also had a growth issue with a chest plate as a young athlete where he wasn't growing right so he really cherishes every opportunity he gets."

And makes the most of them. His hard work and more big throws eventually lead to a scholarship to throw javelin for Kansas State next year.

"Definitely exciting just to be a part of K-State Athletics. Something I've been a fan of for so many years," said Moeder