Wichita South alum Ted Gilmore made the long trip from sunny Oakland to come back to his old stormy stomping grounds.

Gilmore hosted a youth football camp for the fifth consecutive year for the kids of Wichita, and anyone willing to make the drive, to the C. Elmer Carpenter Stadium at Wichita South High School. Gilmore said kids as far as Alabama made attended the camp.

The camp will be open June 27-29, and has position specific workouts for every part of a football team.

He may be working way west in California as the Raiders wide receivers coach, but he hasn’t forgotten where he grew up.

“It took a village to raise this child,” Gilmore said, referring to himself. “It’s important that you can’t forget about those people that had a part in any of your success because there’s nobody that can do it by themselves.”

Gilmore has a traditional approach to every position on the football field.

No matter what your talent level is, i.e. height, weight, speed, Gilmore says you can have all that, but it won’t matter if you don’t teach the fundamentals.

But more important than football for Gilmore is the future of the kids at the camp. He has one overarching message for every kid attending the camp.

“Dream Big,” Gilmore said. “Put it down on paper and make it happen. Don’t be afraid to go for [your dreams].”