Julie Sinclair and Allison Weber have been friends since T-ball.

“I know that I can count on her for anything,” Weber said. “We get on each other’s nerves, but it’s a good kind.”

And now, after years of knowing each other and playing softball, They are the two starting pitchers for a 14-2 Hillsboro team.  

“I’ve been pitching since before I could remember,” Weber said.

“I first watched the high school team my mom was coaching a long time ago,” Sinclair said. “I would just watch them. I’d mimic them and pretend I was them and do their windup and stuff.”

Sinclair and Weber have different skill sets. Weber’s specialty is speed while Sinclair’s is movement. Together they are able to delivering an effective one-two punch at the pitching position.They hope that their defense can help Hillsboro make it back to state after missing out last year.

“It would mean a great deal, especially for Denae [Bina], our only senior, because she works so hard and wants it so bad,” Sinclair said.

Their coach, Sinclair’s mother, Stephanie Sinclair, says they push each other to improve and get better.

“I think that’s the driving force behind them being so good, is because they push each other,” Stephanie Sinclair said. “Although, they don’t even see it, because they’re such good friends.”

They say that their friendship isn’t just about softball and don’t expect it to end whenever they aren’t playing the game anymore.

“I definitely think we’ll be in touch,” Weber said. “Hopefully, we can go to the same college.”