The Hoxie girls dominated Class 1A Division I, going unbeaten in route to a state title. So It should come as no surprise that the Lady Indians also dominate the Northwest Kansas League team with five selections

Boys First team

Kade Spresser, sr., Hoxie

Cayden Daily, sr., Wallace County

Brett Crist, jr., Quinter

James Peterson, sr., Rawlins County

Chase Kennedy, sr., Hoxie.

Boys Second team

Nate Klinge, jr., Wallace County

Jantz Budde, sr., Wichita County
Mason Schiltz, sr., St. Francis

Isaac Alinor, sr., Dighton

Colton Corwin, sr., Quinter.

Boys Third team

Luke Schemm, soph., Wallace County

Kyle Breth, sr., Decatur Community

Connor Katt, jr., Hoxie

Tyler Lingg, fresh., Dighton

Cameron Ginther, sr., Rawlins County.

Boys Honorable mention

Matthew Barnett, sr.,  Dighton

Cade Bracelin, jr., St. Francis

Dylan Tiemeyer, sr., Rawlins County

Devon Ghumm, sr., Trego

Martin Veleta, sr., Greeley County

Clay Schemm, sr., Wallace County

Matthew Mulville, sr., Dighton

Wyatt Landenberger, sr., St. Francis

Gabe Fletcher, soph., Wichita County

Cody Harney, jr., Greeley County

Regent Erickson, jr., Decatur Community

Girls First team

Leslie Speer, sr., Dighton

Carly Heim, jr., Hoxie

Rachael Kuhlman, jr., Wallace County

Diamond Brown, sr., Dighton

Kristina Farber, sr., Hoxie.

Girls Second team

Gabi Spresser, sr., Hoxie

Terran Hoyt, soph., Hoxie

Tailar Bremer, sr., Wichita County

Katie Withington, sr., Rawlins County

Kiara Budd, soph. Dighton.

Girls Third team

Shambrey Budd, sr., Dighton;

Lexi Schamberger, jr., Hoxie

Demi Murray, jr., Decatur Community

Liz Heath, sr., Dighton

Kyla Bandel, jr., St. Francis.

Girls Honorable mention

Hannah Pletcher, fresh., Wallace County

Katie Bailey, sr., Wichita County

Addie Zeman, sr., Trego

Keshia Green, sr., Rawlins County

Ally Dewees, sr., Wallace County

Shawn Baker, jr., Decatur Community

Jessica Schneider, sr., Quinter

Allyson Denning, jr., Trego

Sarah Dinkel, jr., Wallace County

Alexis Hissong, sr., Decatur Community

Kaina Mancillas, sr., Wichita County

Nikki Hemel, sr., Rawlins County.