NORTON, Kansas -

It's not that often that football players in Northwest Kansas get the chance to get advice from a former Heisman trophy nominee. But Monday the Collin Klein Passing Academy made a stop in Norton, giving middle and high school football players in the northwest corner of the state a chance to work on their offensive skills.

 “These communities are at the heart of Kansas,” said Klein. “The people here in Norton got in touch with me and wanted to have a camp here. We love to get out into these smaller communities.”

This is the second summer for Klein’s camp, after a successful run as quarterback of the Kansas State Wildcats. And although the focus is passing even non-quarterbacks can get plenty out of the camp.

“We will have all offensive skill positions,” said Klein. “All positions are welcome to get that kind of work.”

There are also lessons to be learned, that players can take with them off the field.

“What I will share with them, kind of my three main points and themes of this camp will be sacrifice, integrity and priorities,” said Klein. “I’m trying to just share that with them and just give them a few practical incidences okay what does that look like how does this look like in my life.”

Klein is hoping also hoping to inspire kids to follow their dreams.

“My first couple of years at K-State they moved me around to a couple of different positions and everyone helped me at the other,” said Klein. “So just get as many different experiences as you can.”

Klein will make two more stops in Western Kansas, Tuesday in Garden City and Wednesday in Dodge City. He will also make a stop in Wichita on Thursday. You can find more information on his camps here.