Without the big guys up front an offense gets sacked, and a defense gets shredded and without a leader a team lacks fervor. Good thing Chaparral has all three wrapped up into one player: Jaden Helms.

Helms is a 6-foot-three-inch, 260-pound senior lineman who’s most valuable weapon is his championship-caliber spirit.

“I like to be loud and enthusiastic,” Helms said. “I don’t like to be quiet.”

His leadership mindset pushed him to improve himself in the offseason after a disappointing end to the 2013 season. After missing the playoffs last year Helms put in the offseason work to help push his team into the playoffs in 2014.

“I’ve pushed myself in the weight room and I’ve gotten a new max almost every week,” Helms said. “I’m hoping that will get me into the All-State category.”

Helms has improved his bench press max by 65 pounds since last season, going from 195 to 260 pounds, And his squat max has gone up 85 pounds from 230 to 315 pounds.

Helms takes practice as seriously as he does the games, he realizes the importance of creating an intense competitive atmosphere to help the whole team get better.

“When we start practice a couple of us come out [to the field] and start screaming and yelling,” Helms said.

As Helms looks toward next season, he hopes the Roadrunners can get their first ever victory over Conway Springs.

“It’s always fun to play [the Cardinals],” Helms said.                                                                                                       

Looking toward the future Helms says the frontrunner to earn his services beyond high school is Butler Community College, but the search is far from over as he heads toward his final football season.