In a small town the varsity quarterback is king, and the south-central Kansas town of Clearwater is certainly no exception.

After a 2012 season where they missed the playoffs Clearwater’s hopes for a playoff berth in 2013 rested on the broad shoulders of Hunter Hall, the Indians’ six-foot-four-inch, 210-pound quarterback.

Hall led the Indians to a 4-2 record heading into district play where a broken leg shattered the hopes of Hall, and would foreshadow the impending end of the Indians’ season.

“We had a read-option play and I [held] the ball, came up the middle and when I kicked it outside the [defensive] end jumped on [my] back,” Hall said. “I carried him for a couple of yards but he threw all of his weight and came down [where] I felt it pop.”

His teammates helped him off the field and, looking at the crowd, Hall realized the severity of the injury. He’d fractured his right fibula.

“That was the most mad I’ve ever been,” Hall said. “I felt like I’d let the whole town down.”

After his season-ending injury Clearwater lost two of their last three games of the season and missed the playoffs for the second straight season.

During the offseason Hall has been doing everything he can to get back to full strength, including adding 10 pounds of muscle, for his final season at Clearwater.

“I took rehab just like I take my weights training and speed workouts; I did it to the best of my ability,” Hall said. “I knew I had to keep everything fundamentally sound to get healed back up.”

Even during the summer Hall’s refused to take a break, and has performed at Kansas State’s satellite camp. And even in the summer there’s already pressure building on him.

“It’s nerve-racking when you’re going through drills and you know you’ve got three coaches breathing down your neck right behind you,” Hall said. “That’s what quarterbacks are built for; you’ve got to stay calm in pressure situations.”

But even with the pressure mounting Hall has a hard time wanting to do anything else other than play football.

“I’m itching for this next season,” Hall said.