Scales suspended one game

(KWCH) Wichita South's Head Girl's Basketball Coach Antwain Scales has been suspended for a game.

According to Scales, he had a meeting on Friday and was told he will miss the Wichita Heights game on Jan. 3 due to a violation of a "sportsmanship" rule.

However, that's where it gets a little fuzzy. Scales says he was punished based on a "judgement call" by the District Athletic Director Jay Means but there was no clear violation of any written rule.

One of Scales' players was reportedly standing near the player she was guarding while she was talking to her head coach, allegedly listening to the conversation. It should be noted, it was not a timeout - therefore not a violation of a rule.

Scales was named the NHSCA girls' basketball coach of the year last year after leading the Titans to their fourth straight state title.

"I pour my heart out to helping kids," said Scales. "We pride ourselves on playing hard and the right way. In no way, shape or form would I ever do any gamesmanship. I am a stickler for the rules. It just hit me by surprise."

The Titans are undefeated on the year heading into a pivotal game against the Falcons.

Scales made it clear that while he doesn't understand the ruling he accepts the decision with respect.

"I really truly don't even know why," says Scales. "The same questions that you is asking me are the same questions that I want to know, basically."

Scales has a career record of 110-13 in five seasons.

Means did not immediately return an email or phone call.