Kansas high school classification modification

The KSHSAA Executive Board heard a proposition today on the balance of private and public schools in high school athletics.

Paola high school athletic director Jeff Hines and Girard middle school principal Randy Heatherly gave a presentation on ways to fix the competitive balance between private and public schools.

According to Hines, from 2004 to 2014 private schools made up 8 percent of schools in KSHSAA, but they have won nearly 32 percent of the state championships during that time.

The two would like to add a success modifier in Kansas, similar to what is being used in Oklahoma. When schools do well in a particular sport they would move up a class based on how well they did over a period of time.

They reached out to the 355 schools in KSHSAA and heard back from 80 percent of them. 82 percent of those responding school said yes to change the way KSHSAA classified private schools.